What our Volunteers Say

There are many reasons Volunteers come to and remain with Sunshine Coast RDA.

Here are a few of their words.


"RDA opened an inner door for me on a programme with Laura & Dougal. Three years on and still part of the team, it is heartwarming to see the milestones this young rider has achieved now under the gentle guidance of Kingi." Robyn H.

"I have wanted to volunteer with RDA for as long as I can remember but with four children and two 7 day a week businesses there was never the time.  At last I am living my dream and it is everything I thought it would be and more.  I sometimes feel guilty at how much fun I am having!" Glynis C.

"While searching for a purpose in retirement, I discovered RDA. The friendly volunteers, lovely horses and beautiful children have changed my life. To see the faces of these special children light up when they are on the horses is so rewarding. In giving to these children, I receive so much more in return and I am looking forward to a long association with RDA." Dianne B.

 "I guess I was committed to RDA when I discovered this was the only time in the week when a young rider smiled. It broke my heart, but I was hooked! That was in 1990 and I'm still with RDA."  Jan O'H

"For the past 13-14 years, once a week my life has been enriched with a special kind of magical energy, when I volunteer at ”Riding for the Disabled”. It all starts, when the school buses arrive and the wheel-chairs are lowered onto the paddock.
I feel priviliged to be in the company of such special Beings. They teach me so much these little children, many of whom communicate without words. Some ‘speak’ with their eyes, some by using gestures or body language. One little boy has, what sounds to me like his very own ‘Fairy’ language, which he speaks very fast while smiling all the time. Pure Magic!
One gorgeous little fellow is blind, but he has sight all his own. He listens, smiles and gently touches me to ‘see’ who I am.
One pretty, lively little girl uses sign-language plus her own special sounds added to a few words. She mostly holds her head at an angle and I wonder, how she percieves the world like that. This child is clever and sees everything.
And a tiny girl, who arrives in a wheelchair, sways like a leaf in the wind on the horse’s back and when she is happy, she humms. She has no speech, but her eyes ‘talk’ and her hands grip the saddle firmly.
I feel, that inside each and every one of these special children resides a wise Being, who’s specific task might be to teach us more about Loving and accepting.... unconditionally.
I do feel their frustration, when I am unable to comprehend fast enough, what they are  communicating to me and the other Helpers.  I do my best and I tell them so.
Even though some of the children appear very distant in a world of their own, they visibly change, once they are on a horse.  And those horses are special Beings too.  They look at the kids and seem to take a mental photo of each child. The horses are remarkably patient and there is no doubt in my mind, that they know these children are special and they put up with all sorts of sudden movements, yelling, crying etc. plus they usually accept the 3 helpers walking alongside.
I am humbled by the Carers and the Teachers and I bow my head in respect and silently salute them for the fantastic job they do in caring for these special children.
Extraordinary Beings who fill us with Love and Wonder and touch our hearts. Who are you really?"           Karin S.


From Roy...


"RIDING FOR THE DISABLED or RDA, up until 2 years ago these terms meant very little to me. This was just an organisation that seemed worthy of some thought when looking for somewhere I could volunteer to help others. I never considered that working in this environment could be an opportunity to enrich my own life beyond belief.