COVID-19 update

Hire our Arenas

Our 2 arenas are available for HIRE when SCRDA is not using them.
We have an indoor arena 78 x 30m and an outdoor sand arena 60 x 20m.
The use of a round yard for warm up and lungeing is also available.
Terms and conditions apply.
Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance for equestrian activities is essential.
Horse Health Declaration is also mandatory.
The information, terms and conditions, payment options and further forms can be found below.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, please ensure you practice hand hygiene and social distancing when hiring the arenas.
The use of hand washing, hand sanitising, antibacterial wipes on handles and surfaces touched is recommended.

Arena Availability

Hiring Rates for Arenas

Venue Hire Form

Horse Health Declaration