Carriage Driving

Carriage Driving 

Carriage Driving gives those who are unable to mount a horse the opportunity to experience the fun and enjoyment of equestrian activities.

Carriage driving allows participants a feeling of independence which can increase their levels of self esteem and confidence and offers many of the same benefits as riding:

* Improved co-ordination
* Improved muscle power
* Improved balance
* Relaxation through rhythmic movement
* Being out in the open air


Non-physical benefits:
* Decision making
* Making friends
* Achievement
* Self confidence
* Having fun!

Indi carriage 2011sm

The Sunshine Coast RDA Carriage driving program has 4 specially trained horses and 3 specially designed carriages which are wheelchair accessible.
The Carriage Driving program operates on Friday mornings from 9 - 12 pm, in all weather.

All sessions are conducted by either a Nationally accredited coach or SCRDA approved coach.