Alfie is special!  He has "big head" from a past dietary issue, but we love him anyway.
Alfie is used in the Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Program and lives on the Verrierdale property.

Alfie is sponsored by Matt, Amy, Harry and Florence Winter until 31st December 2024.
The Winter family was our first horse sponsor and are our longest horse sponsors.

Alfie 2 sm



Perry is our tallest horse at 17hh and was used in group rides and Dressage. Perry can now be found working at Laurie's Farm in the EAL program.

Perry is sponsored by Maroochydore North Shore Lions Club until 31st March 2024.



Louis is a Clydesdale cross and is also used for the Carriage Driving program. 

Louis is sponsored by Carolyn & Paul Neville until 30th June 2024.




Ollie is a Percheron cross Arab. Ollie has been retired to Laurie's Farm and is used in the EAL program.

Ollie is sponsored by Angie Buhk, Katrina Richardson and Anna Harris till April 2025.

Ollie 2



Sparkles is a mare and is used in the group therapy riding programs and Hippotherapy.
She is one of our hardest working horses.

Sparkles is sponsored in memory of Tess by her family until 31st March 2024.




Podge is a handsome gelding and is very hardworking and dependable during lessons in the arena. He is ramp trained and has a lovely slow, comfortable trot for our clients.

Podge is sponsored by Helen Clifton until 31st July 2024.

Podge crop



Mandy is a lovely mare who is very affectionate and loves a scratch. She has fitted in well to the RDA herd and is used in our group therapy rides and saddle club programs.

Mandy is sponsored by Shirley & John Barraclough and Jayne Hooke until 31st July 2024.

Mandy crop sm


Iceman is a placid fellow who likes all the attention so has fitted in nicely to life at RDA. He is a palomino and the saddle clubers love him! He is used in our group therapy and saddle club programs.

Iceman is sponsored by Patricia Arnott until 30th June 2024.

Iceman sm


Flash has come a long way since he arrived in not the best condition. But with lots of tlc he is looking and feeling amazing. He is a patient and caring horse used in our group therapy, hippotherapy and saddle club programs.

Flash is sponsored by CPR Group until 30th November 2023.

P1800173 sm

Gypsy  aka "Madonna"

Gypsy (Madonna) is a dappled grey Percheron cross mare. She is harness trained and is used in both the general group therapy riding programs as well as the carriage driving programs. Gypsy (Madonna) joined the RDA herd in Sept 2016. She was purchased with funds from a Qld Government "Get Going" grant.

Madonna is sponsored by Eumundi Park Recreation & Showgrounds until 30 November 2024.

Gypsy sm



Clue is another all purpose chestnut gelding, used in almost all our programs and especially in the hippotherapy program.

 Clue is sponsored by Eumundi Park, Recreation & Showgrounds until 31st May 2024. Clue is also sponsored monthly by Helga Schmidt.

P1800344 sm


Maya arrived in 2017 and is a very forward moving young lady! She is a smaller mare but with a big personality. Maya is used in the group therapy rides, Saddle Club and hippotherapy programs.

Maya is sponsored by Graham & Naomi Hull until 30th June 2024.

P1800798 sm


 Beau arrived in September 2018. He is far too good looking to be a boy!

Beau is sponsored by "Wings Away Qld" until 30th June 2025.

Feb 2020 crop


 Wally arrived to join the team in February 2019. He is already making a big impression on both volunteers and riders.

Wally is sponsored by Eumundi Sporting & Youth Club until 31st March 2025.

Wally sm


Unlike his name, Tuffy is a real sweetheart! He is a bay quarter horse cross gelding and is 14.2 hands high.

Tuffy is sponsored by Graham & Naomi Hull until 30th June 2024.

August 2020 sm


Applejack arrived at the Centre in August 2023 and was immediately nicknamed The "Barbie " horse for his amazing good looks!

Applejack is sponsored by the Crosby Foundation till January 2025.

Applejack Aug 23 sm

Blossom & Babe

Blossom & Babe are at "Laurie's Farm" and help with the EAL program.

Blossom & Babe are Sponsored by Kerrie Arnott until May 2025.

Babe Blossom


Sprocket arrived to join the herd in April 2021. He is trained to carriage as well as being used in the Group Therapy rides.

Sprocket is sponsored by John & Cheryl Lyon until 30th September 2025.

Apr 21 sm


Suzy joined our herd in July 2021. She is a Percheron / Appaloosa mare and is a sweetheart!
In 2024 Suzy will be joining the EAL herd at "Laurie's Farm".

Suzy is sponsored by Crosby Foundation until 14th March 2024.

August 2021 sm


Halo is a grey Stockhorse cross mare. She is 15 years old and is 14 hands high.
Halo joined the herd in December 2023 and the funds for her purchase were provided by a Federal Government Stronger Communities grant.

Halo is sponsored by the Crosby Foundation till January 2025.

Nov 23 sm


Misty is a bay standardbred mare who is 15 hh and is 16 years old. She joined the herd in December 2023.

Misty is sponsored by the Noosa Community Foundation until April 2024.

Misty Nov 23 sm