It's Easy to Become a Participant

Once you have made contact with Sunshine Coast RDA, you will be invited to come to the centre to have a look around and meet our team.

You will need to complete an initial assessment to see if participation in our programs will be beneficial for you and if there are vacancies in a suitable program for you.
The Initial Assessment is a chat and does not involve any horse interaction.
You may go on a waiting list, depending on the program best suited for you.

Once a position has been made available, there are Membership, Insurance Liability Waiver and perhaps Medical forms that will need to be completed prior to participation. The Medical forms will need to be completed by your GP or Specialist.

Payment of Membership and Participation Fees will also need to be completed prior to riding.

The Membership form and Liability Waiver form for 2019

You can find the Medical form here.