A new program of introducing school-aged children and schools to horses is being introduced to our Centre in 2016.
Ready Set Trot introduces young people to the world of horses teaching them fundamental horse skills and horse awareness within a safe and fun setting. As well as teaching young people how to care for horses, Ready Set Trot gives horse mad kids the chance to bond with horses, an opportunity to ride a horse and make new friends , regardless of their access to a horse. Contact the Centre for more information on dates for this program.
Ready Set Trot program

Ready Set Trot Stable Skills: Participant Registration Form

Program Detail

Sunshine Coast Riding for the Disabled Community Equestrian Centre –2 Monak Road North Arm Q 4561

Ph: 0754727280 E: admin@scrda.org.au

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SCRDA Membership/Waiver Forms

To secure your place in the program for this term you will need to complete the SCRDA Membership / Waiver Form.

SCRDA Membership / Waiver Form:*
Upload the completed SCRDA Membership / Waiver Form:


Term Fee of $250.00 + $35 for new or renewing membership) e.g. total fee $285.

Payment by EFT: To Sunshine Coast RDA Suncorp Account: BSB: 484 799 ACC: 002759281 Ref: RST + Name.

Includes Ready Set Trot registration/pack/online interactive access and coaching fees for 5 fortnightly sessions. Date and starting time will be advised by email.

I have paid / will pay on:*
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As subsequence of this program registration and permission to participate in any way in Ready Set Trot and horse sport activities,

I, understand, acknowledge and accept that:

  1. Horse sports are a dangerous activity and horses can act in a sudden and unpredictable way, especially if frightened or hurt.

  2. There is a significant risk that serious INJURY or DEATH may result from horse sport activities.

  3. I understand and acknowledge the dangers associated with the consumption of alcohol or any mind altering drugs and agree not to drink alcohol or take drugs prohibited by law before or during any horse sports activities.

  4. I agree to follow the directions of any event organiser or official and that any misconduct or refusal by me to follow any direction of any organiser or official can result in the CANCELLATION of my participation in the activities and my immediate removal from my horse.

  5. I agree to wear an approved helmet at all times whilst participating in the sport where this is required under the relevant regulations.

  6. I agree to only use EA, PCA or NCAS accredited coaches with Ready Set Trot delivery registration to complete the program.

Acceptance into the Ready Set Trot program is not guaranteed by submission of this application. Acceptance will be determined by the Sunshine Coast RDA Ready Set Trot team and availability of spaces. This  will be conducted at the induction day, 9th February 2019 at 1pm.

I understand and agree to the Agreement conditions:*
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